Using the state, police to inflict pain and destruction

Dear Madam/Sir,

My name is Haggai Chanda Meleka. I live and work in the United Kingdom.

My brother inlaw Mervin Kaufman died last November 2012 at Nchanga south hospital’s intensive care unit in Chingola from breathing difficulties/lung failure according the cause of death certificate by the doctors. The deceased’s body was handed over from the hospital to the funeral house where it was prepared for burial then taken to Kabwe to be buried.

Last month (March) or this month (April) The Zambia Police acting on information that Mr Mervin Kaufman had been poisoned by his wife Peggy Meleka Kaufman from Mr Mervin Kaufman’s two adult daughters (from his previous marriage who had never visited their father for the over 16 years he lived and worked in Zambia). The two ladies had actually body viewed their fathers dead body along with their mother and a group of locals, arranged for Mr Kaufman’s body to be dug up privately without notifying any of us as his family in Zambia of this fact.

Upon exhuming Mr Kaufman’s body, they found the body had gruesome facial, head, and body injuries also the penis had been cut in half or completely lopped off. When he was in hospital he had none of these injuries on him through to the funeral house but upon being exhumed, he died from severe beatings?

My two sisters Peggy Meleka Kaufman and Emily Ngosa Meleka have both been arrested by officers in Ndola as murder suspects, since there is no bail for people accused/suspected of this offence they could sit in remand custody for months without being formally charged at our Courts of law.

Mr and Mrs Kaufman were business partners (KAUFTECH ZAMBIA LTD; KAUFMAN LTD; CARTEK BODY & SPRAY) and they have children aged 16, 14, 4 years old respectively and between 60 – 100 employees who depend on the companies being active to care for their families. Mrs Peggy M. Kaufman and her young sister Emily who have authority at the banks to sign for payments and withdrawals are not allowed to because of the nature of the accusation against them, meaning the workers do not get paid, the companies start pilling on debts and eventually they have to sell the cars, the house, tools, children pulled out of school because they can’t pay school fees etc.

The three minors lost their father in November last year and now they have lost their mother too? What about their future? Should the charge/arrest on Emily and Peggy be murder? When Mervin died in the care of medical professionals without physical injuries on him! Is it right for the children to only lose both parents and their way of life too? Is it right for a bereaved wife not only to lose her husband after nursing him then lose everything? Is it right to put the workers out work?

Am puzzled and angry. But this is not justice for Mr Mervin Kaufman, my sisters, my nieces, the employees, the company, my whole family, and to the hard working men and women of our country.

Please look into this, if my sisters have done it I be first to hand them over to face the law. Speak with the professionals and institutions that pronounced him dead and prepared the body. If the accusers are only in to sully the businesses, the family and individuals, orchestrate and abuse our legal system for their own vile agenda may the law visit them regardless of where they live.

Thank you in advance


Haggai C.Meleka


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    so shaft is what was calling us at the supermarket

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    Bizarre turnaround in Kaufman’s death

    A DOCTOR at Nchanga South Mine Hospital is said to have connived with the wife of Mervin Kaufman to write on the death certificate that Mr Kaufman had died of Pneumonia when he was actually taken to the hospital already dead.

    Mr Kaufmna the proprietor of both Kauftech and Cartek died on November 24, 2012.

    Police sources have told The Independent Observer that the body of Mr Kaufman was found with seven cuts and it seems he could have been killed at home.

    The cuts were; broken right rib, three deep cuts at the back of the head, broken nose, cut on the lower left eye-borne and another cut on the upper right eye-borne.

    The source said the purpose of exhuming the body was to ascertain if there was any foul play and the suspected foul play was poisoning.

    But after opening the brain, the Russian pathologist who has been in the industry for the past 20 year said the six injuries on the head and the broken rib were the cause of Mr Kaufman’s death and not pneumonia.

    The pathologist was clear that according to brain communication (that was after the brain was opened) the manhood was cut after Mr Kaufman had already died.

    In further clues to link to the wife was that in what had never happened for many years, the wife of Mr Kaufman, Peggy Meleka and her young sister Emily Meleka went privately to Nchanga South Hospital mortuary and took the body to Ambassador St Anna’s for embalming without the knowledge of anyone.

    “This does not happen in Zambia where women without the accompaniment of men would transport a body of person except in cases of still babies.

    “The embalmer who has been in the business for over 20 years said he had never been threatened in his life like the way Mr Kaufman’s wife did to him. He was told only to embalm the face and never to go beyond and if he did she would sue him and finish him off,” he said.

    He said Mr Kaufman’s body was never washed before burial and after exhuming we discovered that the inner clothes had a special seal which nobody could open unless the family was informed.

    he source said the manhood of Mr Kaufman could have been cut between Nchnaga South Hospital and Kitwe. It seems the manhood was pulled first, before being cut because what just remained was a hole and the whole shaft was taken out.

    According to police clues the investigators started questioning the female domestic work Helen popularly known as Bana Luncky who was living at Musenga farming area after Mr Kaufman had died.

    Helen was reported to have been paid more than six times her salary soon after the incidence.

    After questioning police officers advised her never to inform her boss of the discussion they had but Helen called her boss and informed her that police officers were pursing her.

    That made her as an accomplice in the matter.

    Ms Kaufman then rushed to Musenga, picked Helen and went to hide her at one of the places along Solwezi.

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    The police say Peggy was taken to kabwe to show them where they had buried mr Kaufman but to their suprise they found no body in the coffin but after they interogated her further she showed them another burial site and not the place people knew. Why shuold she burry him somwhere else? moreover even their behaviour of threatening everyone might have contributed to people saying nothing about his death even the ones who were suspicious of the manner in which they were conducting themselves. I equally know Emily cause i was with her at ZAMIM chingola and she is very capable of doing what they are arrested for. Let the law take its course,no one is above the law. A persons blood cries out to God and you cannot go scout free,sooner or later the truth will surface.

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    Kozo 5 years

    I smell a rat on this death. If the man was poisoned the doctors cud have known, if he was murdered again the doctors cud have known the cause of death. Now we are told the cause of death after the body was privately exhumed he died of severe beatings, he had facial, head and body injuries without the whole family being there or even involving the police. Upon body viewing during burial time the body and face were okey. After the body was exhumed that is when it was discovered some body parts including the penis were missing how come? The way I see this case is that 1. if this man was murdered by the wife and sister then there must be a top secret between the killers and the hospital staff. 2. The two daughters who exhumed their father’s body with the help of the locals without the police and the whole family present, there must be something they did to the body to make it look as if the body was murdered, and for them to do that there must be a motive, and the motive is why did they decide to do it privately without other members of the family to confirm if the body was buried with cuts on it. Very sad story.

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    its a sad story indeed.this is a very interesting story.kaufman was actually a very good and hard working man.i personally had an intention of ordering a bike from him.too soon to go with all that talent.chroming and still work on the bikes were marvelous.if truely what has been posted is true,then the sisters need a very good lawyer to come out of this mess.To die from a heart attack,there shuld be some records of having high blood of some thing that cauises heart failure.Saint annies funeral house is a well established sure it has records on how it worked on the body.the doctor that certified kaufman as dead has also records.the autopsy should ve been carried out too to tell what caused kaufman to die.the people that were viewing the body should have also seen something different on mr kaufmans face.a sore of some cut.if at all there was a chance for body viewing,one witness will definately show up.there a lot of things that seem not to be right here.foresincs will come in to find phisical evidence to prove that mr kaufman was poisoned of bitten of which they should locate the matter weapon if he was bitten with something or if he was poisoned,they should find what they used to poison him.And its possible people could have tempered with the body after it has been burried.At this time,these two ladies are charged based on circumstatial evidence.Police should work extremely hard to bring these ladies to book.Im sure the police are doing there very best to work on this is the talk of the town and everywhere you go,people are taliking about this issue.could this be true mwebantu.this is very sad.Lets wait for the police to do there work.haggai boi,dont jump into conclusion,people are vut.

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    jma 5 years

    sad that all has come this far.sad part is rumors spred faster that the truth. Lets wait and see how the courts will rule in this matter. I would urge people not to speculate until the full truth is established. His death pains all of us who were close to him. Please dont fall for those speculating,you never know how things change

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    Kalikeka 5 years


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    Bigboss 5 years

    The two children who were born the first marriage( one is in South Africa & the other in Canada) are dishing out alot of dollars to a police officer named Mwine or Mwiya to fix peggy and they want those companies.There is alot of corruption surrounding this matter. Watch the space!

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    wanks 5 years

    Chingola women are bad news, they kill their white husbands and inherit the wealth.

    Am not surprised that Peggy and Ngosa are suspects, they are capable of doing it.

    Am not saying this from the blues. Ngosa is my X, I knew her when I was at Zamim Chingola, she was doing CAT.

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    chipasa 'inge' 5 years

    Is Meleka concerned about the welfare of the young kids? Well, i suppose he is well positioned to come in and provide security to them.Anyway Mr Meleka’s concern is genuine only to the fact that when a murder suspect is put in custody, let the matter be dealt with urgently to avoid imprisoning, without conviction, suspects who later may be found innocent. Only when a conclusive and convincing investigation is done must one be incarcerated but the judicial action must be expedited expressly.

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    Kizto 5 years

    Help me! Is this the Levy embalmer?

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    bro kasonkomona 5 years

    Sad situation

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    truth will set you free 5 years

    iwe chi haggai your sisters were apprehended this month its not even monthend yet and you are saying workers are not paid and children have stopped going to school!

    this only shows that your sisters have something to hide.

    let the police do there job. by the way ngosa used to be my friend in 2005 when she was doing CAT at zamim chingola and i know what she is capable on doing

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    Shit, i always wantd to be like kaufman. May justice prevail.

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    chikamba 5 years

    OK, this story needs to be analyzed properly. It has some loop-holes. If the body was ok at the time of paying respects and burial, there is no way it can have bruises now. Ba Haggai, present truths not half truths.

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    chichi 5 years

    there is more to this death yhan eyes can see.let the law take its full course.therefore mr haggai stop crying like a small baby.police re not fools to act the way they did.most women cant be trusted

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    blue mutu 5 years


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    mainly in zambia the security system is vile nd corrupt.i would advise that you people engage a very good nd powerful lawyer. that is what your sister needs now.also put God first for nothing under the sun shall remain seek his presence first surely he wont let u down if your sister is pure at heart.
    i have experience in that line but luckily for me all went well.its sad that people will always try to extort money from you when they know that you have wealth.they tried with me all angles but bananipeza.i didnt even release a kobo.all my husbands money and riches are mine.

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    Fight fraud 5 years

    Haggai’s point of view need serious consideration by those in authority.
    it simple” please consult professionals and institutions that pronounced him dead and prepared the body”, period. Times are hard and some people ( marvin kaufman’s relatives) may want to reap were they didn’t sow and its a fact that the police are hungry people who can fall for anything. Can poison cut someone’s penis………..Probe

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    PF Ubwato on SoS 5 years

    Zambian women have become murderers of husbands these days. Looks like Nigerian movies have taught them bad manners.

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    ndongo ya maho 5 years

    Have you forgotten that PF are SATANISTS!!

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      Dre 5 years

      The only I.D.I.O.T.I.C comment you know completely nothing about this issue and worse of you just pour out your hatred and bitterness….this man was very hard working and his death really surprised alot of us who knew him….

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      kim 5 years

      How does PF and the state come into this??
      Just prepare your defense. ‘His family’ and not yours – is interested in the truth. Police are doing the procedurals required. Your sisters are suspects, no doubt unless you play dumb.These oibo relationships nearly ALWAYS have ulterior motives.

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    This is a very sad story, but as you have put it let the law take its course. Again there are issues like Mervin Kaufman died in the house around 0300 / 0400hours. That the funeral gathering was not held at his residence. That the burrial was done hastely and did not take place in the town where he lived and died from but at a farm in Kabwe.That saint ann’s funeral parlour were instructed to just prepare his face and not the lower part of the body as they risked being sued.
    There are also rumours that the body parts were sold to a certain Atlas Copco employee. Its a pitty you are not in Chingola and worse still outside Zambia. I take it and know so that its more than you have put it. Let the police investigate this so the justice can prevail. Sorry you brought it up here and i told it the way i heard it.

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      kelly 5 years

      No law enforcement agent can over look the mysteries surrounding this issue. My work mate yesterday was just telling m,e about the same that the widow was even boasting that the children the man had outside wed lock will end as street kids and that she will is well to do widow. she seamed to be more concerned about the so called wealth than the death of the husband. so many things are flying around so you better ask your sister why?

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      kim 5 years

      Surely the cops need to dig deeper. Haggai, think about Kaufmanns’ family , not just your suspect sisters. Most of these relationships with whites have ulterior motives, not just love. Are you also in UK as a benefactor of Kaufmanns’ benevolence?? His white folks dont need your suspect familys’ permission to find out the truth. Leave workers out of this – ever heard of collateral damage? Concentrate on the crime, suspects,motive and prepare defence. God help you!!!!

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      PROPER 5 years

      The mortuary does not receive the brought in dead without a police report,where did the report come from?..who issued the death certificate? if saint Ann’s were told to prepare the face,did they stitch the cuts?..what of those who did body viewing didnt they see the facial cuts?..what did the police do when the death was reported?..Too many un-answered questions…HAVE HAVE THE POLICE BEEN ALL ALONG?

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    KAMBILO 5 years

    Sad development. Ithought he died from chest complications having traveled to and from south africa by motor bike…so we were made to believe…

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    Mwenya mwaume 5 years

    Haggai,let the law tak its course,if they are innocent as u are claiming they wil b free,as at nw u are not the judge.what if they are found guilty aren’t u going 2 b ashamed.why are u busy condeming the police is it becoz u hav stopped receiving the money from yo detained sisters.It has become a habit 2 most women in Zambia 2 kill their husbands so that the wealth is transfered 2 their Haggai we know all such tricks as yours,why hav u taken such a issue 2 the media? Do u think WD is going help u? Lets wait & see.

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    OKM 5 years

    It high time Govt interven in this issues, Nurcing and science Colleges are the major culprit.its becaming too much.

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      rafiki 5 years

      What have Nursing and science colleges done.

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    Ola 5 years

    These issues look so complex and wouldn’t want to comment further. Family matters are better left to family members to sort out but then I could smell some suspicious issues regarding the death.