Using the state, police to inflict pain and destruction

Dear Madam/Sir,

My name is Haggai Chanda Meleka. I live and work in the United Kingdom.

My brother inlaw Mervin Kaufman died last November 2012 at Nchanga south hospital’s intensive care unit in Chingola from breathing difficulties/lung failure according the cause of death certificate by the doctors. The deceased’s body was handed over from the hospital to the funeral house where it was prepared for burial then taken to Kabwe to be buried.

Last month (March) or this month (April) The Zambia Police acting on information that Mr Mervin Kaufman had been poisoned by his wife Peggy Meleka Kaufman from Mr Mervin Kaufman’s two adult daughters (from his previous marriage who had never visited their father for the over 16 years he lived and worked in Zambia). The two ladies had actually body viewed their fathers dead body along with their mother and a group of locals, arranged for Mr Kaufman’s body to be dug up privately without notifying any of us as his family in Zambia of this fact.

Upon exhuming Mr Kaufman’s body, they found the body had gruesome facial, head, and body injuries also the penis had been cut in half or completely lopped off. When he was in hospital he had none of these injuries on him through to the funeral house but upon being exhumed, he died from severe beatings?

My two sisters Peggy Meleka Kaufman and Emily Ngosa Meleka have both been arrested by officers in Ndola as murder suspects, since there is no bail for people accused/suspected of this offence they could sit in remand custody for months without being formally charged at our Courts of law.

Mr and Mrs Kaufman were business partners (KAUFTECH ZAMBIA LTD; KAUFMAN LTD; CARTEK BODY & SPRAY) and they have children aged 16, 14, 4 years old respectively and between 60 – 100 employees who depend on the companies being active to care for their families. Mrs Peggy M. Kaufman and her young sister Emily who have authority at the banks to sign for payments and withdrawals are not allowed to because of the nature of the accusation against them, meaning the workers do not get paid, the companies start pilling on debts and eventually they have to sell the cars, the house, tools, children pulled out of school because they can’t pay school fees etc.

The three minors lost their father in November last year and now they have lost their mother too? What about their future? Should the charge/arrest on Emily and Peggy be murder? When Mervin died in the care of medical professionals without physical injuries on him! Is it right for the children to only lose both parents and their way of life too? Is it right for a bereaved wife not only to lose her husband after nursing him then lose everything? Is it right to put the workers out work?

Am puzzled and angry. But this is not justice for Mr Mervin Kaufman, my sisters, my nieces, the employees, the company, my whole family, and to the hard working men and women of our country.

Please look into this, if my sisters have done it I be first to hand them over to face the law. Speak with the professionals and institutions that pronounced him dead and prepared the body. If the accusers are only in to sully the businesses, the family and individuals, orchestrate and abuse our legal system for their own vile agenda may the law visit them regardless of where they live.

Thank you in advance


Haggai C.Meleka

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