Using tribe to think: Sata appoints wife’ sister as ambassador to Turkey

Using tribe to think: Sata appoints wife’ sister as ambassador to Turkey

Mirriam (left)

Mirriam (left)

President Michael Sata has appointed his wife’s sister as Zambia’s ambassador to Turkey.

The new envoy to Turkey is currently employed as a nurse in UK;  has British Citizenship, is married to a Briton and is the sister to Sata’s wife.

On Tuesday October 8, 2013 Sata swore in a person he referred to Mirriam Mwape Mulenga as ambassador to Turkey and Mumbi Phiri as envoy to Kenya.

But the                 Watchdog has discovered that the name for the new ambassador to Turkey Miriam Mwape Mulenga is misleading. Her real and maiden name is Miriam Kaseba.  Her current name is Mrs Miriam Whitleton.  She is the sister to Sata’s wife Christine Kaseba.

According to information gathered by the Watchdog, Mirriam was first married to a Mr Mulenga who died sometime back.

Miriam’s first and late husband Mulenga was a pharmacist at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) but was immediately promoted to head Medical stores when Sata became Minister of health under the Fredrick Chiluba regime.

‘Miriam herself initially benefited from Sata’s power when she was promoted to Matron soon after graduating from nursing school when others have to work for years before reaching those senior posts’, said a source very close to the family forest.

According to information gathered, Miriam migrated to the United Kingdom (UK) to work as a nurse in nursing homes caring for the elderly and it’s here where she mate an elderly British white man called Mr Whitleton and got married to him.

‘As of the current records she is Mrs Miriam Whitleton and not Miriam Mulenga. She has since acquired British citizenship by marriage to this elderly man,’ sources have revelead.

Continued the source:  ‘the name Mulenga has been exhumed from the grave because Kaseba would make tribalism seem too obvious and Whitleton would seem as if Zambia is now appointing foreigners into Foreign Service at the expense of deserving Zambians.’

Sources say ‘Miriam Whitleton has neither divorced Mr Whitleton nor has she denounced her British citizenship. When she takes up her appointment in Turkey the old man will just pick up his walking stick and fly to Turkey – holiday courtesy of the Zambian tax payer.’

Sata runs a family forest as government as the first qualification for a person to be appointed is that they must first be related to Sata or be from his clan.

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