‘UTH Doctors demanding K6m bribe to operate my friend’

Dear Editor

Allow me to inform the world through you about the corruption which has spread like cancer at our biggest health Institution in Zambia(UTH).

A friend of mine is admitted at UTH awaiting operation on his broken leg, he has been on a waiting list for more than two months now. He was requested by a named Doctor to pay a K6,000,000 if he wanted to be operated on fast. The Doctor even offered his personal account number for the patient to deposit the money.

There are so many cases where patients have bribed Doctors to be operated on. Eg Last week a Zimbabwean national was operated on the same day he was admitted after bribing a Doctor with a K6,000,000. The other patient was told to pay a K30,000,000 but he couldn’t manage and is still on a waiting list.

May the government move in and bring sanity to UTH before lives are lost due to corruption.

Concerned Citizen

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