UTH ICU in crisis after PF power blackout, but imfimfi ni Lungu gives LAZ US$10,000 cash

There was a crisis last night at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) due to nationwide power blackout as critical areas such as the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) oxygen unit and incubators were all affected forcing medical personal to manually assist patients.

Apparently on Saturday evening, President Edgar Lungu (imfimfi ‘darkness’ ni Lungu) pledged and immediately dished out in cash US$10,000 at the LAZ AGM Gala dinner dance in Livingstone. Imagine Lungu had more than that cash in US dollars in his pockets for a night out, yet only 3 months ago, he could not manage K20,000 nomination fees for his PF presidency where he was nominated by raising pangas in the air. 

It is so far not clear how many babies and other patients survived or indeed died through the manual assisted breathing while the den of thieves at State House keep swimming in cash yet generators at the nation’s biggest hospital have not been working for sometime now due to lack of PF government funding.

Obviously, the gensets at UTH only requires Mulenga Sata, Bwembya Chikwanda, Joseph Mwewa and other PF thieves such as Emmanuel Chilubanama, Keizer Zulu and now president Lungu himself to just release for maintenance far less than US$10,000 Lungu gave rich lawyers in Livingstone.

PF lies really have shorter legs. In case you have forgotten, on 6th September 2013 Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma as usual cheated the nation that load shedding in Zambia would be history by December 2014.

Speaking during a media briefing after touring then on-going construction of Phase 1 of the 300 mega watts Thermal Power Plant at Maamba Colliers Ltd, Yaluma said “by December next year (December last year 2014) load shedding that has rocked the country for the past six years (under MMD regime) will be a thing of the past. This is because of the future planning the PF government and ZESCO have committed themselves”.

On January 13th 2014, ZESCO revealed that the PF’s US$255 million borrowed Eurobond money was prudently used to implement capital projects, contrary to assertions by some sections of society that funds have been misappropriated.

Company Spokesperson Henry Kapata then said in an interview that US$186 million has been channeled to the Kafue Gorge Power Project while US$69 million was financing selected distribution and customer service projects.

But apparently, this is the same Kafue Gorge that tripped last night causing the nationwide blackout that killed babies and other ICU patients in Zambian hospitals.

Other than the Eurobond money, PF also revealed that they had borrowed US$173.43 million from local banks for ZESCO new generation power stations in the country.

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