UTH is in dire state


Reinstate dismissed nurses as the appalling state of the nation’s referral main Hospital the UTH is in such a dire state requiring immediate intervention to save innocent lives.

We think it is misplaced political belligerence by the PF government and its leaders to ignore genuine calls from various sections of society and continue to champion and fight individual personal battles with nurses at the expense of public interest and safety.
The behavior being exhibited by this government does not conform and represent the true character of leadership that is founded and premised on any political convictions.

This is pure Satanism manifesting itself in the form of leadership at its best.
It is sadistic to note that the regime has now moved to evict dismissed nurses from their dwellings without the decency to wait for the various processes to run their course. Surely this amounts to a state of lawlessness.

Does General Orders (rules and regulations pertaining to disciplinary procedures in the civil service) still count under the patriotic government going by the anarchy in the civil service?
Ministers are policy movers as such cannot be the ones inducing and firing civil servants. It is usurping powers from the PSMD (Public service Management Division) and the appropriate Public service commission.
Our plea to errant cabinet Ministers is that they should leave issues pertaining to disciplinary action to controlling officers and the public service management division.

We are encouraging Secretary to cabinet Roland Msiska to provide counsel to errant Ministers meddling themselves in personnel disciplinary matters as this episode is giving the impression that ministers lack the necessary grounding and skills on how the civil service generally operates and perhaps this explains the dismal and poor performance of the statecraft.

Nason Mson

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