UTH is killing my family too

UTH is killing my family too


I have an Uncle namely FRANK MUMPANDE, Deputy Head teacher at Swan school in Choma town, who has been diagnosed with brain tumour for the last 4 months.

The Doctors and surgeons have failed to operate on him. They keep postponing the operation dates. They can not even put him in the correct ward in line with his condition.

Here is a man whom they are just waiting to die so that we go and burry him. He has been in ward G22 and unattended to while the tumour has been growing every day. He is due for operation today 23/11/18 but not even a single nurse has come to prepare him for such. Why is government paying these killers?
Last week, i lost a cousin in the casualties who had been diagnosed with blood cancer. The boy was neglected till he died. No Nurse or Doctor ever attended to him till he started gassping for air. What’s the function of these medical personns? Why not close doen UTH because it has killed more people than even road traffic accidents.

Something has to be seriously done, otherwise we will all finish dying in the hope of getting treated at UTH

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