UTH services inept, mediocre and pathetic

It is with a very heavy heart that I write to your widely read website and wish to bring to the attention of the powers that be and in this case the Ministry of Health, Minister, PS and UTH management of the inhuman and substandard treatment at the UTH.
I have a case where we took my father to the biggest Hospital our country for medical attention and the service and treatment that we received is what I can only describe as inept, mediocre, pathetic and very unacceptable to say the least.
My father has a prostate complication and the night of 16th June he was in too much pain that we had to rush him to UTH in the morning. He was at UTH and the only treatment he had was the changing of the Catheter that was suspected to be the cause of the discomfort then he was told to go home and get back to UTH to be seen by the doctor after 12 days on the 28th June, 2013. This was despite being made to wait from 07 hours to 16 hours.
From our point of view (as a layman) he was very sick to an extent that he was sobbing due to the excruciating pain he was feeling but unfortunately the medical personnel ignored that.
We had to demand to be attended to failure to which we threatened to storm the public relations office and even call the media to show the unprofessional conduct of the staff both at the casualty ward and clinic 7.
When the medical and support staff realized the seriousness of our resolve to expose to management and the media the maladroit and  gawky behavior they exhibited towards patients and their relatives, our father was promptly attended to and even the doctors that they alleged were not present were fished out from clinic 7.It is very unfortunate that in a country were we all know that health care is a basic human right and not just a prerogative of a few, we continue to be subjected to such inept and mediocre treatment by the staff in health institutions we help to fund through the numerous direct and indirect taxes we continue to pay.

The question that has continued to linger in my mind after that day is – How many people have died out of negligence, derision, cynicism coupled with the inept and mediocre services they receive just because they fear to speak out?

The PF Michael Chilufya Sata led government was elected to office on the pro-poor platform and my plea is that let the powers that be not abandon their stance now that they are in office.
Let the Minister of Health, his deputies and possibly permanent secretary Dr. Peter Mwaba conduct random checks in hospitals and clinics to see and prove what the public has continued to complain about the work culture of support and medical staff in our health facilities.

Concerned and affected member of the public

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