UTH: we have enough beef

The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) has parried  fears that patients admitted to the hospital will be deprived of beef following alleged failure by the hospital to met the bill for the supply of beef to the institution.

UTH Public Relations Manager Pauline Mbangweta said in Lusaka today that the hospital was up-to-date in payments to all its suppliers. Ms. Mbangweta said it is therefore not true that patients admitted to the hospital will be deprived of beef because the institution owes ZAMBEEF huge sums of moneys in unpaid bills for the supply of beef to the institution.

She clarified that patients admitted to the hospital have continued fed on meat, chicken, beans, vegetables and other meals. “I’m not aware that our institution owes ZAMBEEF or any other supplier. We feed our patients on a proper balanced diet of energy, proteins and vegetables,” Ms. Mbangweta said. And ZAMBEEF Public Relations Manager Justo Kopulande, in a separate interview, said his organisation supplies products to clients on a cash-on-delivery basis to avoid its clients from falling into indebt. Mr. Kopulande said ZAMBEEF and UTH have continued to enjoy good business relations. “ZAMBEEF sells its products on cash on delivery basis and we have never supplier on credit,”

Mr. Kopulande said. Meanwhile, ZAMBEEF says it is imperative that local companies satisfy the local market before seeking to export their products and services to other countries. He pointed out that local companies are inclined to fold up if they ignored the local market in preference to international markets. Mr. Kopulande has since disclosed that ZAMBEEF was performing well in West Africa adding that this has motivated the company to explore other markets on the African continent.

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