Varun Beaverages sued for contaminated Mirinda drink


Mumba receiving the drinks

Varun Beaverages, the manufacturer of Mirinda drink and Pepsi distributor in Zambia has been sued by a Kabwe teacher Lewis Chita Mumba who is demanding compensation over a contaminated Mirinda drink he bought,

Mumba said he bought the drink from Uncle Herbies Pub after labour day celebrations on Wednesday and after drinking half way he was told by friends that there was some ‘dirty stuff’ looking like a dead cocroach in the drink.
“As I was drinking, my friends warned me that there was foreign material in the drink and I checked and found the dirt, after which I approached the barman who apologised but said that he had just opened the drink without checking how it was,” said Mumba.

After he threatened legal action against the company, the company’s Sales Representative only identified as Anthony allegedly ‘accepted responsibility and gave him three crates of their products as compensation’ but Mumba has declined the offer saying the contaminated drink has caused him health problems and has since forwarded the matter to his Lawyer, Tutwa Ngulube of FB Nanguzgambo and Associates, and has surrendered the ‘compensation, crates and the contaminated drink to Kabwe central police.

Derrick Masaka, the barman who served the drink to Mumba confirmed the incident and police sources at Central police station have  also confirmed receiving the report and said the were processing the matter.

Mumba said he has suffered sore throats and other health complications as a result of the contaminated drink. Efforts to get a comment from Varun bevearges failed as the phones went un answered, but the Watchdog will give an update after clinical tests have been done on the drink.

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