Vedanta appoints cabinet minister to oppose liquidation

Vedanta appoints cabinet minister to oppose liquidation


Vedanta, the owner of KCM has appointed Eastern province minister Makebi Zulu and other PF cadres to oppose the liquidation of KCM by the government.

It’s now becoming clear that there is no dispute between KCM and the PF regime. This is all conspiracy. Vedanta has just found a clever way of leaving Zambia and passing all its debt to the Zambia people through the current Zambian regime. Vedanta has already reaped billions from our minerals so it’s time to go.

On the other hand, President Edgar Lungu will reap political mileage from myopic Zambians. To PF cadres, President Lungu will be seen to have acted on the KCM nonsense when he is actually inheriting KCM debts on behalf of Zambia. Behind our backs, KCM and PF leaders are laughing all the way to the bank.

If this was a genuine disputed, KCM would find proper independent lawyers not cabinet ministers in the PF regime which has purportedly liquidated the mine.

Makebi Zulu was appointed a minister by Lungu and swore unflinching loyalty. He reports to president Lungu on anything. So whatever he will discuss with KCM in confidence, he will repeat it mechanically to Lungu. There is no fight between PF and KCM. It’s a dirty plot.

What will happen is that the two parties will just enter a consent judgment once the dust has settled.

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