Vedanta owner mocks Zambians on how he makes $500 m from mine he got at $25 m

WORD FOR WORD: Vedanta boss Anil Agarwal mocking Zambians on how he milks $500 million every year from KCM when he just bought it at $25 million.

And some people say Mwanawasa was a great leader?

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00:02 7-8 years back, hunger remains to do big work

00:07 pondering what to do

00:08 how can we let life go in vain?

00:10 I saw it in the paper FT (Financial Times)

00:11 (drinks mineral bottled water )

00:16 there was largest copper mine in Africa

00:21 that copper mine was up for sale

00:26 that government was privatizing it

00:28 I got quite interested in it

00:29 I asked few people, they replied, “aren’t you ashamed?”

00:30 “what ridiculousness you are talking of?”

00:34 I told them – “where is the problem in talking?”

00:36 “speak to them let us see…”

00:38 Then he saw it, it was a big deal

00:41 I have a friend in McKensey – Ranjit Pandit

00:46 I went to him, asked him to make papers

00:48 “Make the papers beautiful, professional”

00:50 Papers were prepared. We kept it at 400 million.

00:56 In pocket we do not have 4 million!… bidded for 400 million!

00:59 25 million … 25 million that we ha ha ha …

01:03 Take chance in life definitely!

01:06 All people sitting there… Take chance!

01:08 If you won’t take chance, nothing will happen

01:10 (Clapping, Whistling… )

01:16 Why we are different –

01:17 different because we take chances

01:18 I told we have to take chance

01:20 Then we said “25 million we will give you cash

01:25 and 325 million we have to invest in

01:27 making the machines running”

01:29 We forgot the matter, and suddenly

01:31 in about a month or so, we received calls

01:33 they invited us. We called up and inquired

01:36 They confirmed “this company is yours”

01:37 “really ?”

01:38 I took one of our engineers and went to Johannesburg

01:42 and further changing flight there to Lusaka

01:45 When we arrived there, were surprised to receive

01:48 VVIP treatment there, red carpet, entire govt machinery

01:50 has arrived at airport to receive us. Surprised seeing such

01:53 arrangement we asked someone. “Its all for you sir”.

01:55 “How many people you have in the delegation team?”

01:57 Ministers, VVIP vehicles, cavalcade… We were told “you

01:59 will be going to the parliament today; and President’s place as well”

02:03 “Where are your people? Its necessary to meet the President.”

02: 09 repeatedly we were asked “where is your delegation?”.

02:12 I asked “what delegation? We are the delegation only”.

02:17 (Laughs)

02:21 We were taken to the President. The President… “Your excellency

02:24 We are 30 people in our delegation. But we missed the flight

02:27 at Johannesberg.”

02:30 (Audience Laughs)

02:31 “Can you wait till tomorrow?

02:33 They all will come”

02:34 (imitating President) “No No No The Parliament is tomorrow,

02:37 we have to decide today.”

02:39 “Key is ready”

02:40 “Are you ready ?“

02:42 (imitating self) “I am ready, I am always ready

02:44 I will handle it”. (Laughing)

02:49 And they came, what a Parliament House!… first time I saw.

02:52 Chuckling

02:53 I had held a bead necklace (in name of God RAM) and

02:55 kept chanting, moving ahead

02:58 With my smiling face

03:01 When I seated there with my man, the President came

03:04 and sat by our side. He told the entire parliament

03:07 that what great people we are,

03:09 and our empire, and that they will

03:11 make our lives gorgeous. And they will

03:13 make schools, make hospitals and blah blah …..

03:16 We just kept watching chanting Gods name there.

03:20 All you make, what we make !!! Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha ha

03:22 (Clapping)

03:30 We took over the company. Its been 9 years, and

03:35 since then every year it is giving us a minimum

03:38 of 500 million Dollar plus 1 Billion Dollar every year

03:41 has been continuously giving back.

03:45 It’s a matter of taking a chance. I will keep

03:47 telling you stories. We had oil company. They told us

03:51 no one else can buy oil company.

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