Vedanta says Minister Makebi not their lawyer

Vedanta says Minister Makebi not their lawyer

Vedanta says it has its own lawyers.

See statement below👇

24 May 2019, London – Vedanta not represented by Mr. Makebi Zulu

Vedanta wishes to urgently clarify the issue of legal representation in today’s matter in the Lusaka High Court. An article overnight in “Zambia Watchdog” implied that Vedanta had appointed Mr. Makebi Zulu to represent them. This is incorrect.

Mr Zulu has been appointed by the provisional liquidator who has taken full charge of KCM to represent their interests.

Vedanta’s legal representatives in this matter are Corpus Legal Practitioners and Mulenga Mundashi Kasonde Legal Practitioners. Vedanta is also being advised by Norton Rose Fulbright. The legal team was appointed for their experience and their political independence.

ZWD Comment: thank you Vedanta for clarifying and washing your hands from the PF regime tricks. But your lawyer Mulenga Mundashi is working with the PF regime. He has always been their lawyer. In short, appointing Mulenga Mundashi is as good as appointing Makebi Zulu or President Edgar Lungu himself to represent you. Please get yourselves a genuine lawyer, independent of PF. We are not saying Mulenga Is incompetent. We are saying he is compromised in this matter. Read our detailed analysis posted earlier. His true loyalty is not to you but to his colleagues in PF. So he has no political independence in this matter as you misguidedly assert.

You  will soon cry when a consent judgment is entered without your consent.

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