Veep tells voters to regard Sata’ s 90 days development theory as rubbish

Vice President George Kunda has advised the voters not to listen to promises by Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata’s pledge that he will develop the nation within 90 days if elected in the forthcoming polls.

Kunda told hone fm, that Sata’s promises were mere rhetoric to entice voters as he does not have the capacity to fulfil what he is promising the Zambian people.

He also castigated Sata for blaming the ruling party for the failure to deliver a people driven constitution when the PF President was in the forefront urging his party members to vote against the constitution making process.

Kunda said Sata’s actions and statements are a clear indication of his ignorance about critical issues such as the constitution.

The Vice President implored citizens to scrutinise all aspiring candidates and voted based on action and not mere rhetoric as the country needs a leader who will be committed to fostering national development.

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