Veep George Kunda alive

Vice president Kunda (Right) with president Banda

Vice president George Kunda who is currently hospitalized at Morningside clinic in South Africa is expected to be discharged on Monday.

According to a statement attributed to High Commission to South Africa Leslie Mbula, the vice president is recovering well.

Mbula was forced to visit the vice president after a strong wave of rumour hit the country that the vice president has passed on.

“The rumour was so strong that the government directed Mbula to go and check at the clinic and report back,’ said a government source.

It seems Mbula did not actually meet the vice president because when he got there, the vice president had taken an exercise walk with foreign affairs minister Kabinga pande.

Before former president Levy Mwanawasa died, the government engaged in a web of lies even saying that the president was ‘actually jogging.’

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