Frustrated: Veep Scott says government will be happy if Zambian Watchdog committed suicide

Frustrated: Veep Scott says government will be happy if Zambian Watchdog committed suicide

Ceremonial vice president Guy Scott says the PF would be very happy if this online media, Zambian watchdog and the people operating it committed suicide.

Vice-president Scott

Vice-president Scott

Responding to Senga Hill MP Kapembwa Simba today (Friday) morning in parliament on how he rates the Zambian watchdog since it has a huge following going by the number of comments by readers, Scott said the online media was just good for entertainment.

Kapembwa asked: “Your honour vice-president, the Zambian Watchdog is a very popular media house going by the following and number of comments it generates. I’m sure you also follow it, vice-president and I would like to know how you rate it?”

In answer Scott accused the Zambian watchdog of doing a de-service to the Zambian people.

“I can’t even rate them. I don’t know where they are found unlike the Daily Nation. They are just dogs that are barking without a home. If I disagree with the Daily Nation, I can write or even sue them. But for the Zambian watchdog, I can’t do anything and even the people behind it are just doing a disservice even to the people they tend to promote. For us if these dogs commit suicide, we would actually celebrate as government,” he said.

The PF government has been very intolerant to a any media that questions their policies, competences and campaign promises.

PF minister of Sports Chishimba Kambwili last week stormed UNZA radio and threatened to close it and expel the Mass Communication students.

A number of journalists are currently in court with all sorts of concocted charges such as being in possession of obscene materials, seditious practices, yet the real reason is for being suspected of contributing to this online publication.

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