Veep’s wife fears to spend night in PF ‘territory’

Ireen Kunda (Front Left)Scores of Mpika women that thronged TAZARA guest to welcome the first lady, Thandiwe Banda were last Wednesday disappointed after learning that the fellow woman they were waiting for was not Thandiwe, but Vice President’s wife.

And Mrs. Kunda on Wednesday declined to spend a night at TAZARA management guest house because the territory in which she was is Patriotic Front (PF) strong hold and she feared that she might stoned.

The women who gathered at TAZARA guest house as early as 10:00 hours to welcome the first lady who was scheduled to arrive mid morning were kept waiting not until 16:50 hours when the motorcade zoomed in.

Women who kept on guessing as to when their guest would arrive were disenchanted when it was learnt that the person they expected to meet wasn’t the one, but the wife to vice president George Kunda.

The visibly annoyed women complained bitterly that if they had known that Thandiwe was not coming to Mpika, they could not have waited for that long because they had some other things to do. The first lady is said to have sent Mrs. Kunda to check on the infrastructure at Lwitikila girls’ high school because she had accompanied her husband Rupiah Banda to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

And after the inspection of the school buildings, Mrs. Kunda drove to TAZARA guest house, where she revealed that she feared to spend a night in the area because she feared that she might be attacked by PF cadres.

“I am not spending a night here in Mpika because I have been informed that PF cadres can stone me here,” Mrs Kunda said. She claimed that because some cabinet minister had misled her that accommodation had not been arranged for her in Mpika, she decided that she would spend a night in Serenje district where it was safe.

“Because some cabinet minister told me that no accommodation has been arranged for me, I decided to arrange for an accommodation in Serenje district where it is safe,” Mrs Kunda revealed. But Northern Province and Mpika district MMD officials assured the vice President’s wife that although the district was PF strong hold, the people were peaceful and could not harm her.

The vice president’s wife thanked Mpika women for welcoming her and assured them that she would find an appropriate time to visit them again.

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