Vegetative governance


By Titus Walamba

Despite their braggadocio of implementing their perceived changes within 90 days, it is disheartening that their governance has remained in a vegetative state. To talk of the health of the President has become a treasonable offence, but the question is: isn’t the President a national asset? The position of the law is vividly clear that when a President is incapacitated to govern by virtue of illness or other misfortune by elections should be called for.  As a nation we are being held at ransom by people who have built a living out of exploiting national resources at the expense of unsuspecting taxpayers. We deserve to be told the truth whether the President is alive or not than to relish on rumours from the social media whose authenticity is neither false nor true.

Further, Article 38 (1) of the constitution of Zambia states that:

“if the office of President becomes vacant by reason of his death or resignation or by reason of his ceasing to hold office by virtue of Article 36, 37, 38, an election to the office of President shall be held in accordance with article 34 within ninety days from the date of the office becoming vacant.”

There is no shame in telling the nation the truth, despite my sympathies for the health of the President, we should not be held at the whims and caprices of those minions and panga wielding cadres who are scared that if we held by elections they will lose their source of livelihood.

I have learnt one lesson about the Zambian people: they are not stupid cows that can be milked for life. Sooner or later they will rise up against their oppressors. Enough of this lies that state house is feeding us. I am not even certain who the current President of Zambia is!

Abash political brainwashing! Viva by elections!


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