Vendors in Luanshya increase prices

Street vendors in Luanshya have hiked most of essential goods following the removal of fuel subsidies and the subsequent rise in transport fees.

A check in some streets , vendors especially those dealing in vegetables, have hiked the price of vegetables and tomatoes.

Previously vendors were selling vegetables and tomatoes at K1 but they have now hiked the price to K2.

One of the vendors talked to, said they decided to do so, because the order price has also gone up.

“There is nothing we can do, we just have to increase the price, look almost the price of everything in town has gone up , so we just have to increase  for us to survive,” said Doreen Banda a vendor.

Ms Banda a widow , with  three children added that the situation was so bad saying that although she has increased the prices of her commodities she cannot still make a decent living.

“Although I have increased the price of my goods, I cannot not manage to raise money for rentals and decent meals for my children,” she said.

She said the PF government is the worst government so far that has no respect for human beings.

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