Ventriglia family may be arrested on return, judge says Edgar Lungus decision to deport them was irrational

On 10th March 2015 High Court Judge Kondolo SC quashed the decision that was made by President Lungu (then as Minister of Home Affairs) revoking the resident and work permits of Danielle Ventriglia and Valerio Ventriglia. The Watchdog understands that the Ventriglias are now boastfully claiming that will return to Zambia and will cause pandemonium in a “mafia style”. They Ventriglias feel injured by the decision that was mde by the President, which saw them leave the country in November 2012.

In November 2012, then minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu revoked the work permits of Danielle Ventriglia and Valerio Ventriglia before deporting them to Italy. Edgar Lungu, who is now the president of Zambia, told the Zambia Daily Mail that residence permits had been revoked and consequently cancelled because the two directors based in Ndola had violated the Immigration and Deportation Act No 18 of 2010. Lungu said the government would deal with people who ‘mistreat’ Zambian workers and was determined to cleanse all institutions by uprooting ‘bad elements’.

But Judge Kondowe said President Lungu’s decision to revoke the permits of the Ventriliglias was ‘Wednesbury Unreasonable’, which simply means that the decision was so irrational that no reasonable pezpson properly directing himself on the relevant law and acting reasonably could have made that decision.

In effect, this is a direct attack on the competence of the President. It means that the person who made the decision was unreasonable as a person and incompetent at as a public officer. It implies that the person who made the decision could have been drunk.

Meanwhile, the Watchdog understands that the Attorney general’s office is in the process of appealing against the ruling of judge Kondolo as that office still believes that the Ventriliglias still pose a threat to peace and good order in Zambia.

And, other information received indicates that the Venrriliglias may be arrested once they enter Zambia.

The Ventrililgias are said to be wanted by the Zambia police for Theft by agent of approximately US$26 Million and Euro 2 Million; and obtaining money by False pretenses involving over K2.8 Million.

These offences are believed to have been committed during the period when they hounded out a Major Shareholder of Zambezi Portland Cement (ZPC) Finsbury Investments Limited through abusing the state machinery for very selfish motives. See the share certificate attached.

From the time that the Ventriglia’s Resident Permits were revoked in November, 2012, the Zambia Police through the Attorney General had been seeking Mutual Legal Assistance from the South African Government to pursue them, which assistance was nodded.

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