Ventriglias loot petty cash as Sakwiba resorts to lying

God father Antonio Ventriglia

God father Antonio Ventriglia

There is massive looting of cash found at Zambezi Portland cement premises following the forceful and illegal take over of the plant by the minority shareholders of the Ndola based company.

And Lusaka lawyer Sakwiba Sikota has been exposed for telling lies that Finsbury has withdrawn its rightful claim for ownership of 58 per cent shares in Zambezi Portland.

Sakwiba Sikota who counselled the Italian Mafia and physically supervised the operation to take over the cement plant by force told journalists that Finsbury gave up the battle.

The truth is that Finsbury decided a long time ago that there was no need to go to court to prove that they own the majority shares so they decided to let those with a contention to be the ones to prove. There is no record whatsoever to prove that Finsbury said it does not hold 58 shares in Zambezi Portland. In fact, up to yesterday at the time of the hostile take over of the company, the plant was under the management of Finsbury. So when did Finsbury withdraw?

‘Why should Finsbury prove its ownership when all the records are there?’ Asked a person close to the case. ‘Its like carrying your shirt then you start asking people to tell you that this is your shirt,’ the source said.

It is total fabrication. ‘Why would Finsbury ask for a ‘injunction’ to prevent Ventriglias from entering Zambezi Portland Cement if they had no claim? Sakwiba is a manipulative ‘junk’ lawyer with no ethics,’ said a source.

‘All Finsbury told the Court is that they do not have to prove their holding of 58% of Zambezi Portland Cement Limited, let those that claim otherwise prove their claim,’ the source said.

Meanwhile, the Watchdog understands that the excited Ventriglias family have been looting whatever cash they could lay their hands on at the cement plant.

Zambezi Portland cement workers say the company has been very profitable under Finsbury management and workers were paid on time and all statutory dues were honoured.

But when the Ventriglias arrived at the plant, they started by looting petty cash and other money from cement sales that had not yet been banked. According to workers, the Ventriglias started bribing journalists and hired police officers who escorted them.

‘Surely this action goes to prove that the Ventriglias are criminals with their perpetrators and are inimical to Zambia. Should they be allowed to remain and continue to rob the Country? Let truth and honesty prevail for Zambia to remain a dignified Sate for Investors. The Mafia style should return to Italy where it belongs,’ said one worker at the plant.
Claudio Ventriglia, Daniele Ventriglia and Valerio Ventriglia were deported to Italy along with their parents in 2012 by then Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu.
Lungu deported the Mafia family for ill-treating workers at the cement plant after branding them a danger to good order and peace in the country.
But the Ventriliglias, who own 42 per cent in Zambezi Portland are back and have forcibly taken over the cement plant again after bribing government officials and police officers.

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