Ventriliglia family mafia loot Zambezi Portland assets, transfer property to their new company

Ventriliglia family mafia loot Zambezi Portland assets,  transfer property to their new company

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 05.22.13As the protracted Court cases involving Finsbury Investments Limited and the Ventriglia family, [Antonio Ventriglia, Manuela Sebastiani Ventriglia, Claudio Ventriglia, Daniel Ventriglia and Valerio Ventriglia](known in Zambia as the Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 05.23.12Italian Mafias) over the disputed shareholding of ZPC reaches an advanced stage, panic has gripped the Italian Mafia family. Reality is dawning on the Mafias who have illegally held on to management of the multimillion dollar cement plant.

Since the Italian Mafias illegally and physically took possession (with assistance of the State machinery) in 2015 of the cement plant, the business has suffered great losses. Large numbers of employees have lost their jobs in violation of Zambia’s Labour laws and cement production has been suspended indefinitely since December last year. Hardly any money is being deposited in any Bank in Zambia as the Italian Mafias have resorted to externalizing the funds blatantly through Congo DR in a clear Money Laundering fashion.

As though the above is not enough, the Italian Mafias have proceeded to desperately strip the assets of ZPC whilst the shareholding dispute and the Winding Up Petition are still ongoing before the Courts of Law. So far, the entire transport fleet consisting of over 43 Trucks has been sold to a bogus company called MilotoTransport which the Italian Mafias themselves incorporated and they themselves, are the beneficiaries.   (See attached documents)

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 05.26.17Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 05.28.01Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 05.28.23 Further and incredibly, most of the real properties of ZPC  have  been  transferred to another bogus company called Astrea Investments Limited which the Italian Mafias own in the name of Antoni Ventriglia and Manuela Sebastiani Ventriglia.  With the consent of their legal team headed by Sakwiba Sikota S.C. and now co-aided by Vincent Malambo S.C., the Italian Mafias obtained Duplicate Title Deeds under False Pretences and with the corrupt assistance of the State. In doing so, the Italian Mafias have taken oath falsely  and have lied to authorities that the original Title Deeds of the properties for ZPC were lost when infact not. The Italian Mafias are aware of the whereabouts of the Title Deeds and that they are in the hands of the legally constituted management team. However, in their typical mafia style, these disgruntled Italians have no regard for the Laws of Zambia and have proceeded to blatantly abrogate the Laws with the aid of some State officials in exchange for a few coins. How can the Sate and any professional advocate (officer of the Court) condone such actions? (See documents)

Surely, if someone claims to own the company (ZPC) would they want to dissipate the assets? Such dissipation which is contrary to the Laws of the Country fueled with blatant corruption with State House personnel and officials in public service cannot be condoned? God forbid!

In 2012, the Government of the Republic of Zambia acting through the Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu (now Head of State) deported the Italian Mafias for being a danger to National Security. However, in 2015, the High Court allowed the Italians to return. The Honourable Attorney General did not lodge an Appeal against the decision.

Since their return, the Italian Mafias have shown Zambia, once again, why they were justifiably labeled and considered a danger to National Security.

If indeed as a Nation we still have any semblance of respect for the Laws of the Land, we challenge the relevant authorities to investigate these criminal activities. We will release information of persons involved at an appropriate time bearing in mind that these cases are sub judice.

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