Verbatim: What HH said about Sata being a habitual liar

UPND Press Statement

For Immediate Release

14th March, 2012


Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen of the press.

I am delighted to have this wonderful opportunity to address you and through you the whole nation.

Today marks 171 days of the PF in government and these have been tough times for our people, days of no jobs and no money in peoples pockets.

All the PF campaign promises that at one time lifted the hopes and aspirations of our people have now been broken

The Zambian people have seen the so called man of action being transformed into a man of lies.  Michael Chilufya Sata is a habitual liar.  Examples of his lies abound, some of which are:-

1       Enactment of a constitution within ninety (90) days;

2       Clean the city of Lusaka within ninety (90) days;

3       Re-introduce windfall tax;

4       Run a lean and small government;

5       De-politicise the civil service;

6       Liberalise Radio and TV airwaves within ninety (90) days;

7       Restore the Barotse Agreement within ninety (90) days.

I will not spend much more time on Sata’s list of lies as it is endless.

My focus today is on President Sata’s Youth Day message and threats to civil servants.  Mr. Sata’s instruction to Hon Chishimba Kabwili  on Youth Day to come up with a plan to deal with youth unemployment confirms the concerns of many Zambians that the PF government has no credible programme of action to deal with job creation and address the plight of young people.   The constant realignment of Ministries, daily reshuffles of Ministers and contradictory statements on policy attest to this.

Our country is on auto pilot going in every direction like a headless chicken.  From the PF campaign promises of more money in the pocket, one would have expected that there was a plan in place to reward our hard working civil servants with decent pay.

In a democracy, it is unacceptable for Mr. Sata, Guy Scott, Kabimba and others to demand that all people perceived to be non PF should be fired from employment whether in government or in private sector and be replaced by PF cadres, this is against our constitution.

This level of mediocrity is unacceptable and cannot be condoned; we call on the PF government to put their house together.

Threats on Civil Servants

The recent threats on civil servants are highly misplaced and confrontational. The civil servants of this Country have a legitimate right to demand for a pay rise in order for them to meet the ever rising cost of living. The civil servants have a right to demand for better pay in pursuance of the campaign promises made by the PF to put more money in their pockets

Threats to civil servants, union leaders, chiefs or indeed any other citizen will not help Mr. Sata in anyway. Mr. Sata’s tendency of name calling, issuing threats, character assassination in order to sway the attention of the masses from his failure to deliver on his electoral promises will not work.  Soon Mr. Sata will have nowhere to hide. I urge him to prepare for challenging times ahead because the people’s expectations are very high and more failure to deliver will not be tolerated. For us, as a party we support the workers demands for improved conditions of service and we expect the government to be responsive to the demands of workers.

Hakainde Hichilema


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