Verbatim: what Saki said on Siliya and her illness


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6th January 2012


Our client has been advised by the doctors to be on complete bed rest due to a condition she developed in April 2011 and for which she is on medical advisory to have surgically corrected.  Our client has been trying to see if the medical problem she has could be dealt with in a manner not requiring surgery as it is quite a major operation.

As fate would have it her condition worsened whilst she was in South Africa. It is during this time that a call out was left at her home. Inspite of being ill our client against medical advice decided to travel back to Zambia in order to attend to the call out. Unfortunately this aggravated her condition leading to her being admitted in hospital yesterday.

The doctors have ordered our client to have several weeks of complete bed rest. Unfortunately our client will not be able to follow the doctors instructions because of the speculation in the press regarding her being unfit to attend police interrogations.

Our client has therefore felt compelled to override medical advice and avail herself to the joint Task Force on Corruption on Monday 9th January 2012 at 08:30 hours.

She hopes that she will be able to have this matter concluded one way or another expeditiously so that she can continue with her life.

What is disappointing is that the police seem to have already made up their minds to arrest and charge our client without even hearing from her. This is evident from the story carried in the Post Newspaper of Thursday 5th January 2012. The arrest and charging of our client has therefore been decided already and our client is resigned to this new way of conducting police investigations through the press.

The McCarthyism era in the 1950’s in America where a general witch hunt was started is not dissimilar to what we are seeing in Zambia today. Just like in America this era in Zambia will be looked upon as a sad chapter in our history.

We are hopeful that our client will either be charged for the motorized bicycles belonging to My Home Town that were taken from her home or the police will release the same. The police have had over a month to deal with this very simple and straightforward issue. Even during the era of the McCarthysim persecutions people were not being deprived of their property.

Yours faithfully


Sakwiba Sikota SC.


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