Vernon Mwaanga sues Guy Scott

Vernon Mwaanga  sues Guy Scott

Vernon Mwaanga has sued Patriotic Front Vice President Guy Scott and the Post Newspaper for defamation, according to ZNBC.

This follows the alleged defamatory utterances on Mr Mwaanga by Dr Scott.

The utterances were carried in The Post Newspaper of 17th August 2011.

The Post Newspapers reported that Dr Scott told PF supporters in Katuba to be alert against possible malpractice by the MMD because Mr Mwaanga was sitting in Lusaka with plenty of computers playing games.

Mr Mwaanga has argued that the innuendo implies that he engages in criminal practices of vote rigging.

He has lamented that The Post has before covered election petitions of 1996 and 2001 with no allegations linking him to rigging of elections.

Mr Mwaanga has sought an injunction to restrain the Post Newspaper from publishing libelous materials on him.

Mr Mwaanga has also demanded an unqualified withdrawal of the defamatory statement in the Post Newspaper.

He has demanded that the apology should be broadcast on ZNBC on both radio and Television for a week twice daily at the defendants cost.

Mr Mwaanga has also demanded that the same should be published on the front page of the Zambia Daily Mail and The Post Newspaper once.

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