Veteran journalist urges Diplomat to ignore media gag

Veteran journalist urges Diplomat to ignore media gag

Ignore ban, Use Twitter, Edem appeals to Zambian Diplomats

Veteran journalist Edem Djokotoe has expressed surprise at the ban issued by Permanent Secretary of Information and Broadcasting Services Amos Malupenga.

In his letter of directive to the public media, Malupenga has banned the public media from using or carrying media statements from Zambia’s Embassies abroad.

He has directed the public media not to cover statements only in the rare exception when Ministry of Foreign Affairs has granted authority.

But Edem has speculated that the entire ban was likely targeted at selected ambassadors that have been effective in using the media for their work.

He has urged the affected Diplomats to resort to social media to air the details of their work

Edem Djokotoe Wrote;

“Hmmm, so now Zambian Diplomats abroad can’t be publishing articles and having their statements and their ego trips appearing in the state-owned and government-controlled media”.


“I wonder what happened. I am also wondering who the ban, issued by Amos Malupenga, the current Information PS, is aimed at.”

“You never know”.

“Them banned folks could pluck a leaf from The Donald’s playbook and take to Twitter.”

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