Veterinarians only got 4% salary hike

Dear Editor,

Allow me space in your widely read site but please withhold my name

I am a civil servant working in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock under the Department of Veterinary Services. My concern is about the union (Agricultural Technical and Professional Staff Union of Zambia) where we belong to. The fact is that we belong to a union that does not care about us; I say so because as Veterinarians we are on a Medical Salary Scale-M/S and during the last salary negotiations the workers under this ministry were promised a salary hike of between 20 to 147% but Veterinary staff received a 4% hike which I doubt if it even reflected

We need another union to be formed in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock that will represent us effectively if not then all the Veterinarians must affiliate with any union in the Ministry of Health, we deal with different types of domesticated animals every day but we don’t have any risk allowance the 4% we received is the one which Ministry of Health arrived at for their workers and on top of that they also proposed some allowances for their workers us nothing all because of poor representation. Why should we belong to a union which does not represent us I say so because the incentives which we receive during negotiations are those for Health Workers

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