Vice-president’s wife interferes in ZAWA operations

Vice-president’s wife interferes in ZAWA operations


Charlotte Scott

Ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott’s wife Charlotte has directed  the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) officials to go round and explain the process of reforms the organization is going through.

Mrs. Scott said that since ZAWA was being transformed,  the Authority ‘s management should meet wildlife Community Resource Boards (CRB) and community leaders to explain to them the current position of ZAWA was in the country.

Mrs Scott said this when she addressed wildlife Community Resource Board members and community leaders in the Council Chamber in Kalabo on Thursday.

Kalabo District Commissioner (DC) Irene Mate was among the top government leaders , among others who attended the meeting .
Mrs. Scott, who is also a Zambia Wildlife Authority Board Member, said that it was vital to identify and determine opportunities for the future development of ZAWA in the country.

ZAWA is currently in a mess. The board members are engaged in internal squabbling on allocation of hunting quarters and other activities. Vice president Guy Scott is one of the government leaders leading a group of one faction in ZAWA that is fighting to have more hunting licences.

His wife’s behaviour to direct ZAWA is clearly out of line as she is just a board member and the operations of ZAWA should be left to management. Good corporate governance does not allow board members to be sitting in meetings with game guards. But then, this is PF.

She said that ZAWA in Kalabo District has significantly implemented the wildlife management to better the lives of the surrounding community.

She also said that it was important for ZAWA to be flexible and accommodating in trying to do its best in wildlife management so that it did not under-perform in the executing of its intended purposes.

Mrs. Scott said that she also appreciates the support government, traditional leaders and other stakeholders were giving to the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) in the country.

During her visit to Kalabo,  Charlotte Scott was accompanied by, Western province Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary Josephine Kamona and the Acting Western Region ZAWA Area Warden Jarton Shawa, among other officials.


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