Vicky Goswami’s links to Zambia

Vicky Goswami’s links to Zambia

Goswani Links to Zambia vicky Goswani (in stripped T-shirt) relied on a Zambian in SA to manufacture mandrax drugs- Dennis Jedburgh
• Dennis is Zambian, coloured
• Goswani was married to Dennis Jedburgh’s sister
• Dennis is now based in SA and is known for manufacturing mandrax tablets in SA
• Dennis’s other sister, Yvonne Jedburgh, was Ibrahim Yusuf’s (nicknamed Iboo) wife, now divorced
• Iboo’s (and Yvonne’s) son Tariq was photographed partying with president Zuma at a glitzy evening function linked to a charitable foundation with ties to Zuma.
• Tariq was director of a company with one of Zuma’s sons, Mxolisi Zuma.
• Goswami implicated Valden Findlay in his sworn testimony (page 161). Valden calls Goswani twice to warn him about his life being in danger from a known SA drug lord, David Armstrong

• Goswami got Dennis Jedburgh to kill ‘Pinky’ the right hand man of David Armstrong in SA. Pinky was killed with 32 gunshot wounds. Dennis Jedburgh called Goswami in Kenya from SA to confirm Pinky was definitely killed.

• At EL’s inauguration Iboo was apparently seen at State house with Valden Findlay and Shawi Fawaz (Lebanese, black mountain Jerabo)
• Iboo is still wanted by Zambia’s Drug Enforcement Commission on charges of importing stolen goods into Zambia in 1993 and 1994; and obtaining $29 000 under false pretences from the Zambian Parliament in 2002 (selling stolen cars to parliament)

Goswami pleaded guilty to
• Four counts for drugs related case
• two counts for the guns, arms,
• one count for money laundering
• one counts for obstruction of justice.

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  • comment-avatar
    James bond 007 4 days ago

    Is this not the same Goswami who promised Ba Kaunda that Zambia will be a Heaven on earth? And he was almost given a very big piece of land in chisamba area.

    • comment-avatar
      El Patron van Kray 4 days ago

      No, no, no… you are thinking of one Mr. Brunke – if memory serves me well, he was German – a crook!

      A lot of foreigners sold KK a dud! Tiny Rowland did as with others – I can mention at least 10 foreigners right here!

  • comment-avatar
    El Patron van Kray 5 days ago

    It seems these guys cannot stop even after visiting prison multiple times.

    Did you guys not learn from the big, known, drug barons in South America? Pablo Escobar Gaviria ran, but was found and killed; the Orejuela brothers of Cali ran, were caught and extradited to the USA. Their counterparts, Chepe and Pacho were killed in separate incidents; El Chapo… and too many others.

    You will be caught – it comes full circle guys.

    As a parting statement – remember this: everything you have done to/against Zambia too, shall come back to haunt you!!!

    Peace out!!!