Victimization of Zambians at COMESA Secretariat


Please keep our correspondence anonymous for fear of our jobs.

We have come to the media because we believe this is the only way our plight will be considered serious. We are Zambians hired at the COMESA Secretariat in Ben Bella road, Lusaka.

Unfortunately, the Secretary General of COMESA, Mr. Sindiso Ngwenya who is Zimbabwean has mistreated us Zambians for a long time such that we are no longer free in our own country.

1.    Mr. Ngwenya uses abusive language towards us, he threatens us with being fired all the time and he has no respect for our Government. He has filled the Secretariat with his kinsmen from Zimbabwe who spy on us and report everything to him. These other Zimbabweans are so arrogant that they can say anything to us at any time and even threaten that they have the protection of their country Zimbabwe. What about us, we are crying for the protection from our country as well. Please investigate these other Zimbabweans and the things they say about us Zambians and our Country.

2.    We would like professionalism to be restored at the institution. Comesa has many projects and in the interest of job creation, Zambians have to have a fair chance of being employed. What is happening is that if a Zambian airs their professional views, they are victimized, fired and replaced by Zimbabweans who will willingly or unwillingly have the same views as Mr. Ngwenya. Our immediate cry is not to be favored but to be treated with respect and as equals in our own country. What is happening on the ground is that the few Zambians who stand up to the SG and air professional views are being victimized, fired and replaced with Zimbabweans. The number of Zimbabweans has sharply increased and since Mr. Ngwenya is insecure, he hires his own. The local language there is also Shona.

3.    Respect is what we are yearning for whether or not we have secretarial or low paying jobs. It hurts us for these so called extremely important Zimbabweans to insult, disrespect and make fun of us and our government in our own Land. Our take is that Comesa should be a professional and non partisan entity.

Please editor we are living in fear of saying anything because we fear for our jobs, we hope by publishing this letter and investigating it further, the government who is the host country of COMESA will act to resolve this.

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