Video of the day: how to roast a monkey

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    Buck Teeth Lungu 1 min ago

    This just shows that we have no uniform culture in Zambia. This backward and savage culture is not mine; I am not part of it. Futsek!

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    Seriously? It is sickening and disturbing that some people can eat something that is so close to humans. Very cruel. Next it will be Cannibalism

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    This has made my night. The meat is tasty, am told. Make sure you cut off the hands and legs before cooking it.

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    Bo MUNYENGE MUNYENGE 18 hours ago

    Where is ZAWA? These bembas can finish monkeys if left unchecked

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    Steve 1 day ago

    How do you kill and eat something that looks so human? Practices like these are the cause of unknown and incurable diseases like AIDS COVIDs.These are abominations bringing us curses as a people.