Vikram Investments denies invading Lilayi land

By Yeddula Vinod

Dear Editor

I wish to respond to the letter, which was published on your wonderful, widely read and popular website.

Before I proceed, allow me to congratulate you and your crew for the good work you are doing in exposing corruption, crime and wrong doing in society. Keep up the good work.

The article entitled “Rampant Corruption in the Ministry of Mines, Home Affairs and Ministry of Justice, was published on Thursday, May 8, 2014.

The letter quotes concerned but anonymous citizens of Chisakane Zone 10, Shantumbu area.

I have been prompted to respond to the letter so that I can give my side of the story and I want to thank you in advance for giving me the opportunity to be heard because this is in the interest of justice, fairness, balanced and professional journalism that I support.

First of all, I would like to challenge the unidentified citizens as why they decided to write an anonymous letter if their motives and objectives are true, genuine and in the true interest of the community they claim to represent. It is apparent and it is there for all readers to see that there is malice and a hidden agenda.

The concerned and anonymous citizens have accused my company Vikram Investments Limited of being fraudsters that have besieged the land in Lilayi and State Lodge area and we have bypassed leaders in the ministry of Mines, Home Affairs and Ministry of Justice in Zambia to obtain our documents.

The truth is that Vikram Investments Limited has a valid investor licence in Zambia. We had applied for a prospecting licence on a specified area in Shantumbu where the licence was issued. We undertook all the necessary and legal requirements to obtain the licence from the relevant government wings.

Further, we applied for an environmental management plan, which was issued by the Zambia Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA). These documents are still valid and not expired as alleged by the authors of the malicious letter.

Vikram Investments Limited is not claiming any land in Shantumbu area. We only have a prospecting and mining licence for a specific area, which is still intact and valid.

What transpired is that there is a Chinese company China Jiangsu International Corporation Limited that has trespassed on our prospecting area and they are currently conducting illegal mining. This Chinese company is doing illegal mining because they have no prospecting and mining licence. They also not have the environmental licence from ZEMA.

The Chinese applied for a prospecting licence for our area. It was issued but later, the ministry of mines cancelled the licence because you cannot have two licences for one piece of land. The officer in the government who issued this licence to the Chinese was even removed from that office.

We obtained a court injunction to stop the trespassing on our licence area, but the Chinese company that has teamed up with a well known Zambian, George Mwamba who claims to be the brother of a former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba or GBM have disregarded the court orders. They have continued with the illegal mining. They have been scheming evil plans to have our licence cancelled so that it can be issued again in their name.

George Mwamba has been using the name of GBM to bully and try to influence government officials and other people by saying that GBM was a very senior man in government. In fact, he used to say GBM is running the government. What is he going to do now that his GBM resigned and is no longer in government?

At Vikram Investments Limited, we know who authored the anonymous letter to the Zambian watchdog. He will be exposed soon.

I am very reluctant to comment more on the matters because most of the details are in courts. At Vikram Investments Limited, we respect the law and would not want to be cited for contempt of court.

We are aware that George Mwamba, the Chinese from China Jiangsu International Corporation and some other Zambians have a burning desire to take over our licence area where they are currently conducting illegal mining.

My name has been brought into disrepute and public odium, but I will not be discouraged by the cheap malice and evil propaganda because I lead a group of serious and credible investors who want to partner with local people to bring investment, quality employment and development to Zambia.

I would like to alert the public that these Chinese and George Mwamba do not do not mean well. They have exhibited selfish behavior and they have shown that they have no public interest at heart. They seem to be prepared to go to any length to destroy good projects and developmental programmes that mean well for Zambia.

I want assure you that the concerned and anonymous citizens of Zone 10 Chisakane in Shantumbu are non-existent. They have just been arranged and are imaginary.

Last week, George Mwamba was ejected with a file full of fake documents from the Zambia Daily Nation newspaper, which he wanted to have published. This bunch of fake documents contained the letter which purports that Vikram Investments Limited has offered the prospecting area for sale.

George Mwamba proceeded to the Times of Zambia where he induced a reporter Sylvester Mwale to write a story from the bogus letter. The story was published in the Sunday Times of Zambia of May 4, 2014 on page two at the bottom.

We are suspect that there was some of inducement or motivation that was provided to this young reporter because we are dismayed at the wanton biased, unbalanced and inaccurate reporting exhibited by the Sunday Times of Zambia. The reporter failed to do basic tenets of journalism to investigate, verify and differentiate a fake document from a genuine letter.

We reported this forgery to the police and other relevant security wings who are investigating the criminal activity.

We are aware of the schemes and efforts by George Mwamba and the Chinese to destroy our good work. They have formed several fake companies and some are registered with the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) in order to wrestle our mine area from us and we have the evidence to prove this statement. They have gone to Zone 10 Chisakane area in Shantumbu where the mine is located to spread cheap propaganda against us. Posterity will be very harsh with these people.

It is unfortunate that these people have resorted to fraud and lies in order to mislead the people. These illegalities would not work because the people of Zambia have remained alert against anyone who does not mean well for the country.

It is apparent that the government doesn’t want to issue the Chinese with a mining licence because they have seen the tricks and illegalities being perpetrated. How can anyone offer do business with people who are involved in forgery?

They are condemning government for rejecting their applications to cancel our prospecting licence, but which sane public official would risk a prospecting licence with individuals who are clearly engaged in forgery and other illegalities. Therefore, they must not blame the government for refusing to cancel our prospecting licence in order to accommodate their illegalities.

Zambia is open to all investors and not only Chinese business people, who want to dominate and take over other people’s legal entities by force, forgery and other irregular means.

Over and above, we want to state that the letter which was authored by concerned and anonymous citizens of Zone 10 Chisakane in Shantumbu is not genuine. It is inaccurate, full of lies and it must be treated with the uttermost contempt that it deserves.


I thank you

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