Village headmen also demand to be on tax-payers payroll

With President Michael Sata and his more than 70 ministers, permanent Secretaries and District Commissioners, plus the first lady all swimming in money, village headmen in Nakonde district of Muchinga Province have also appealed to the government to consider putting them on the payroll.

The village headmen are demanding to be paid salaries through the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs for the community work they do in their respective chiefdoms.

The demand for salaries is contained in a letter submitted to chieftainess Nawaitwika of the Namwanga people of Nakonde.

The letter of appeal was given to chieftainess Nawaitwika during a meeting she held to sensitize her subjects  on early marriages at Chilolwa health centre grounds yesterday.

Traditional leaders said they do a lot of work in the communities especially when it comes to handling issues of people’s welfare in the area.

They added that it is for this reason that they were asking government through the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs to start considering them in terms of payments.

They explained that village headpersons in other countries like Malawi were on government salary.

Reacting to the letter, Chieftainess Nawaitwika said she had no powers over such matters.

Chieftainess Nawaitwika however said that she would hand over the letter to Nakonde district Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs officer Elijah Miyemba for further action.

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