Vincent Mwale says it’s unparliamentary to mention Barotseland in Zambian parliament

Vincent Mwale

Chipangali Member of Parliament and Minister of Infrastructure Development Vincent Mwale Tuesday afternoon raised a point of order in parliament to stop Sikongo constituency lawmaker Mundia Ndalamei from mentioning ‘Barotseland’ and argued that the word was unparliamentary.
Mwale claimed that Hon Ndalamei was not in order to say that the PF government had promised to honour the Barotseland Agreement because what is there is Western Province.
‘Madam Speaker, is the honourable member of parliament for Sikongo in order to say that the PF government promised Barotseland Agreement knowing very well that a ruling has been made in this house that in this country we have Western Province and not Barotseland, I need your serious ruling,’ Mwale said.
In her ruling, First Deputy Speaker of parliament Catherine Namugala reserved her ruling to allow her to research on the matter.
But Monze Central parliamentarian Jack Mwiimbu rose on another point of order and wondered if the executive members were in order to have been referring to the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) in the past seating of the house and asked if mentioning the ‘Barotse Royal Establishment’ was also unparliamentary.
Mwiimbu’s point of order was however not sustained because a decision had already been taken by the chair to reserve ruling on the earlier point of order.

Late last year, hon. Ndalamei was again stopped from referring to ‘Barotseland’ by the Second Deputy Speaker Mwimba Malama who claimed that there was no Barotseland which can be referred to officially in parliament.

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