Violence erupts in Livingstone as PF thugs from Lusaka go on rampage

Violence erupts in Livingstone as PF thugs from Lusaka go on rampage


Livingstone responds to HH

Violence erupted in Livingstone late Saturday evening after Michael Sata failed to address a meaningful rally as residents went to listen to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Sata was addressing a small crowd of mostly cadres imported from Lusaka and other towns withing Southern province at Villa grounds as multitudes passed by to go the UPND rally which was held far from town.

At his rally, Sata had nothing sensible to say as he was just uttering incomprehensible, disjointed and incoherent statements and laughing to himself.

When the PF realised that people were not interested in their meeting with their ailing president, they sent their  thugs from Lusaka’s Kabwata  with pangas and Machetes to beat people.

On hearing, the UPND cadres who were attending their rally at Maramba also moved in and took  over the entire  city as PF cadres and police  scampered in all directions.

Meanwhile, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has described former Livingstone member of parliament Rev Howard Sikwela as a “foolish man”, corrupt and greedy for causing a costly by-election.

Hichilema said this at a public political rally near Maramba Market when he was drumming up support for his party’s parliamentary candidate Regina Musokotwane.
Musokotwane is also former MP for Katombora Constituency of Kazungula district where she served for ten years ending 2011.
Hichilema said his party will not let the people of Livingstone down and that is why they have brought a credible person to fill up the gap left by Rev Sikwela.
“We are here again only few months after having elected aperson we thought was with us yet we elected a foolish person Howard Sikwela. He is corrupt and greedy and he has let you down the people of Livingstone,” he said.
And Mazabuka MP Garry Nkomba accused Rev Sikwela of causing the death of Western Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta by causing the by-election, describing costly in monetary and human life.
And Mr. Hakainde accused the PF as a political whose leaders lack wisdom saying all the allegations they heaped on the MMD and president Rupiah Banda of depriving people of their basic needs such as affordable mealie meal and fuel are now none existent.
He said it was not fair for the PF to blame the residents of Livingstone for poor sanitation when they have failed to provide for them as a party in government.
He accused President Sata and the PF of advocating the return to one party system through their alleged divide and rule tactics.
He said the UPND is a political party that believes in national development and will run the country on the democratic principles when it takes over.
” We want to run the country on democratic principles and that is what we stand for as UPND,” he said.
The rally that attracted hundreds of Livingstone residents was almost disrupted by some PF cadres being ferried from the other public rally addressed by President Michael Sata in Dambwa passed next to where the UPND rally was being held.
However, Mr. Hakainde restrained his supporters from reacting and instead encouraged them to focus their attention on electing their candidate  Musokotwane.
He cautioned Musukotwane against repeating what Sikwela did by abandoning the electorate.
L1hen you are elected do not do what Rev Sikwela did. You are the mother of the people who are looking up to your wisdom,” he said.
And political activist Dante Saunders who was a special guest at the rally called upon Mr Hakainde to sweep clean the government when he takes over so that sanity retains in the country.
Mr. Saunders demonstrated his advise by presenting a new broom to both Mr. Hakainde and Mrs. Musokotwane.
He cautioned Mr. Hakainde that once he ascends to the republican presidency he (Saunders) will remind him if he forgets to clean up the government.
“Am not a member of the UPND but a father political parties and want to see sanity in the country.
Meanwhile, Mr. Nkombo announced that the UPND will tomorrow Sunday hold another public rally in Zambezi ward with or without a police permit which he said an Zambia Police officer named Mr. Zimba called him to say the party should never hold another rally in Livingstone after today’s which also was cancelled.
He said today’s rally went ahead because his team insisted to go ahead despite the ban

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