Violent riots rock University of Zambia

Violent riots rock University of Zambia

Students rioting Sunday night

University of Zambia students Great East campus last night violently  rioted to oppose the plan by government to close the University prematurely.

An undisclosed number of students were in the processes arrested and are detained in police cells.

The students stormed Great East Road, lit fires and blocked th road from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport around midnight Sunday as they sung songs to denounce the ruling PF government.

Riot police were called in to quell the confusion and fought battles with students.  Tear gas canisters were fired to disperse the students who had by then damaged some vehicles passing along the road.

The Watchdog revealed that the PF government will close the institution on September 1, 2012, barely one month after the institution re-opened for the semester.

The closure is to pave way for renovations at the institution that the sports ministry wants to use as the Games Village for the SADC Under-20 Games in December.

The PF government is planning to shut the institution for three months but the students are opposing saying it would disrupt their academic calendar particularly for those that are scheduled to graduate.

But in its fashion of denials and blaming the opposition for its failures, the PF government has hatched an excuse to put the blame on UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

When the Watchdog published an inside article that serious riots are looming at UNZA following the plans by government to prematurely shut the university, the government planted a lie on one of its publications that Hichilema is paying students to riot.

It seems government  fear of Hichilema is spreading so rapidly that anything that happens in the country now blamed on him.




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