VIP Wina claims Chinese are reluctant to fund Lukulu Katunda road due to negative talk by Zambians


Vice President Inonge Wina has claimed that the Chinese are reluctant to fund construction of the Lukulu /Katunda road in Western Province due to negative comments by Zambians on the Chinese.
Wina was responding to Katombora Member of Parliament Derrick Livune during the Vice Presidents question for oral answer session Friday morning.
He wanted to know why government always mobilizes a contractor to work on the road each time there was an election in the area but work does not commence once elections are over.
Wina claimed that the Chinese contractors were reluctant to commit to the project because of the negative talk on Chinese investments by some people in Zambia.
Each time there is an election in Kaoma or Lukulu, the government pretends to mobilize contractors to work on the road but once the elections are over the contractor demobilizes.
There will be a bye election in November in Mangango following the death of Hon Mweene but the broke PF government has run out of lies to tell the people of Mangango. They want to cheat the people in Mangango that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema told the Chinese not to fund the government.

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