Visionless PF govt urged to address high cost of living

The Civil Society Poverty Observation Group (CSPOG) has urged the outgoing PF government to display leadership and address the high cost of living in the country.
CSPOG Spokesperson Lewis Mwape says the poverty levels in the country are likely to increase if government does not put measures to control the escalating food prices.
Mwape said government must learn from other countries in the region that have managed to control their food prices.
Meanwhile a youth civil society organisation has called on outgoing President Edgar Lungu to stop globetrotting and concentrate on addressing the challenges that the country is facing.
Young Transparency and Integrity (YTI) Executive Director Bright Muchimba says his organisation has noted that President Lungu was only concerned with winning the August elections at the expense of the peoples’ welfare.
‘It is sad that the President and his cabinet members are busy travelling all over the country claiming they are monitoring developmental projects and have forgotten about the welfare of the people,’ Muchimba complained.

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