Visually impaired demand friendly features on new bank notes

The Livingstone Network of People with Disabilities has called on government to include features that would enable visually impaired people easily identify the value of money after the rebasing of the kwacha is done.

Network Chairperson George Mizinga said there was need for the new kwacha notes and coins to be disability friendly especially to the visually impaired to save them from being cheated when engaged in financial transactions.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Livingstone today, Mr Mizinga bemoaned that visually impaired people never knew the amount of money they had and depended on asking other people who at times cheated them.

He appealed to the Bank of Zambia (BOZ) to have the interests of the blind at heart by designing currency whose value would be easily identified by the blind through its features.

Meanwhile, Mr Mizinga has welcomed government’s decision to print copies of the draft constitution in Braille.

He said visually impaired people appreciated government efforts that aimed at ensuring that the contents of the draft constitution were availed to all citizens.

Mr Mizinga however, appealed to government to maintain the clause that recognized Braille and Sign language as systems of communication.

He said it was imperative for blind and deaf people to participate in the constitution making process if the final document was to represent all Zambians.

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