VJ delivers rigging template to ECZ, says PF

VJ delivers rigging template to ECZ, says PF

Vernon Mwaanga has delivered a vote tallying temperate to Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) director Priscilla Isaacs so that the commission can fit their figures into it, the Patriotic Front claims.

According to Information published by the PF, Mwanga, working with Luke Cheveau, a vote rigging expert disguised as an image maker for Rupiah Banda, has been compiling a vote tabulation template which he now says is an opinion poll showing his candidate winning at 46 percent against Sata’s 36 percent.

The PF has known of this manufactured poll since September 1 but was waiting for Mwaanga, a discredited former minister who was at one time on trial for a felony, to distribute the same to the public media before they can expose him.

Mwaanga was sacked as campaign chairperson three months ago but was recalled at the request of Luke, a retired major in the British navy who has regularly visited the MMD campaign centre, State House and the ECZ IT Department at Elections House in Lusaka.

The PF leaders are following all movements Mwaanga and the foreign vote rigging experts were making and will soon make an announcement to expose them before the September 20 polling day.

In 2005, former Zambian Ambassador to Japan, Joel Mwale told The Post newspaper that he and Mwaanga use to rig elections since 1996 and he had evidence that Mwaanga was a known poll rigger. Mwaanga threatened to sue ambassador Mwale but never did.

In 2007 when President Mugabe had a stand-off with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai who had won 49 percent of the vote but not enough to be declared winner Mwaanga spent a week in Zimbabwe before the results were released showing a lower figure for Mr Tsvangirai who was tipped to win with a comfortable 56 percent of the vote.

In 2009, the Malawian opposition complained that Mwaanga was camped at building in Blantyre fidgeting with the result which they disputed as flawed.

Mwaanga admitted he was in Malawi as an elections strategist, a term many understand as a euphemism for rigging.

In 2002, when appointing him as minister of information, President Mwanawasa told a press conference at State House that he was appointing him to cabinet hoping that he had “changed his ways of the past otherwise he will be watching him.”

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