VJ maintains that public media is biased toward PF

VJ maintains that public media is biased toward PF

VJ with his granddaughters

Former minister of information Vernon Mwaanga says the government controlled media is worse under PF as coverage is one sided.

Mwaanga told Radio Phoenix Saturday afternoon that 9o per cent of media content in Times of Zambian Daily Mail, ZANIS and on ZNBC is ‘about PF this and that.’

He advised the government controlled media to be objective and fair in their coverage of news by highlighting what the opposition and critical NGOs are doing.

He expressed sadness that the  Freedom of information bill has been presented to parliament several times but rejected.

In the morning, former information and broadcasting services minister Ronnie Shikapwasha charged that the kind of journalism being practised by the public media is the worst.

General Shikapwasha claimed on QFM that the public media under the MMD performed better than it is presently.

The former minister who is Kembe Member of Parliament stated that the public media is presently aimed at attacking the opposition.

He bemoaned the poor coverage the MMD is receiving from the public media in the country.

General Shikapwasha advised the media to be more professional and ensure that coverage is given to all stakeholders regardless of political affiliation.

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