VJ puzzled by Sata’s culture of reprimanding Ministers

Veteran retired politician Vernon Mwaanga says his is puzzled by new culture that President Michael has adopted of humiliating Cabinet Ministers in public.

President Sata has been recently quoted as describing his Ministers as being useless some weeks after he referred to his Members of Parliament as being useless as they are allegedly failing to do their jobs.

But Mr. Mwaanga has supported the view that such public reprimanding is undermining public confidence in the Ministers themselves as well as lowering their morale to perform.

Mr. Mwaanga also notes that by referring to his Ministers as being useless it also reflects badly on the appointing authority himself as people begin to ask as to why he appointed them if they are useless.

The veteran retired politician has advised that there are better ways of giving advice to Ministers in terms of asking them to improve on their performance or correcting whatever mistakes that have been detected as opposed to criticizing them in public.

He has told Qfm news that much as the precedent has been set by previous Presidents who also rebuked erring Ministers, it is important that such counsel is given away from the public so that any erring Ministers learn from their mistakes in order to serve the people of Zambia better.

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