VJ says all MPs will vote for statutory media regulation

VJMMD Parliamentary chief weep Vernon Mwaanga has advised media bodies in the country to set up a self regulatory body before the six months ultimatum given by government to come up with a self regulatory framework elapses.

Mr Mwaanga says Members of parliament (MPs) are resolved that the media needs to be regulated and that if the media bodies fail to come up with a self regulation body within the six months ultimatum the MPs will not hesitate to pass a law that will allow for statutory regulation of the media.

He says unless something drastic happens parliamentarians will support statutory regulations of the media when government takes a bill to parliament.
Mr Mwaanga says media bodies should not be fooled that such a bill will be defeated in parliament going by individual comments MPs have been making.

Mr. Mwaanga says government has been calling for self regulation of the media from the time he served as information and broadcasting services minister.

He says however says the process seem to be taking long hence the move by government to come in and assist by introducing a law that will allow for the state to regulate the media.


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