VJ says money was wasted on signing amendments to constitution

Veteran Politician Vernon Mwaanga has observed that the amended constitution still contains very troubling provisions which have the potential to create misunderstandings and confusion going forward.

He says Zambia has not yet come up with a people driven constitution, leaving open the issue of the constitution being reopened in future.

In a statement issued to QFM News, Dr. Mwaanga says there are burning issues that require to be seriously addressed in the interest of holding free, fair, transparent, credible and democratic elections.

He notes that part of the problem with political leaders in Zambia is that they have not invested in genuine constitutional, economic and political dialogue to jointly come up with viable solutions to national problems.

And Dr. Mwaanga says it was surprising to see the country’s meager public resources being spent on an extravagant constitution assenting ceremony when nation is facing economic challenges.

He states that this is especially that it is not the first time Zambia is amending the republican constitution having done so in 1991 and 1996.

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