VJ says moving Chirundu and Itezhi- Tezhi from southern province is shocking

Veteran Politician Vernon Mwaanga says there is need for expert consultations with the local people who know the history before re-aligning districts.

Mwanga said moving Chirundu and  and Itezhi- Tezhi from southern province and taking them to central and Lusaka province respectively is surprising.

He said this will have dire effects because chiefs and local people involved were not consulted before making the final decision of realigning the districts.

He said this during a cross fire, radio blog programme on Zambezi fm radio last evening.

He said there is need for sensitisation among the people of Gwembe valley, about the Kariba dam which they have known for years, has been in southern province on how the realignment will benefit them.

Mr Mwaanga however pointed out that every government that comes into power should be allowed to create it%u2019s won scandals.

He further explained that said the logic behind it is cambersum but was quick to mention that the president can exercise powers if he sees that the realignment will improve service delivery.

Meanwhile Mr Mwanga wondered if the changes, been made were budgeted for in the 2012 budget adding that the new government that will come under the devolution of powers can decide to keep things the way they have changed or entirely change them to the way they have been.

Zambezi FM

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