VJ says PF policies don’t tally MMD

Retired veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga says the return of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) to being the political power house of the nation was not impossible.

Mr. Mwaanga who was reacting to a question as to whether the former ruling party would resurface to power, told ZANIS that the policies which the PF have now, cannot tally with those of the MMD.

“I am confident that the former ruling party would return to power as people will realize that the PF policies do not tally with those of the MMD and make up their minds even before the 2016 general polls, “ he said.

Mr. Mwaanga claimed that the people of Zambia wanted to merely try out the Patriotic Front (PF) to see whether it could run government well as it seemed more vocal and tactical in politics than other parties.

The retired veteran politician noted that the electorates were soon going to rally behind the opposition which they had earlier rejected because the policies which MMD has were still appropriate.

“I very much still believe people will soon make up their minds and follow the fundamental policy path which the MMD has, “he said.

Mr. Mwaanga further indicated that he was encouraged that the MMD would make a comeback because last year’s tripartite election results margin between the MMD and the PF was not so wide.

“In whatever endeavours one is pursuing, it is pertinent that an individual strives to triumph despite having been knocked out or brought down by a storm,” he said.

He has since encouraged all MMD members to work in harmony if the MMD is to make a swift come back into power.

Mr. Mwaanga, who also served as Chief government spokesperson in the Levy Mwanawasa administration also advised the MMD to work hand in hand with the (UPND) through the provision of checks and balances to the government.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwaanga has noted that the current economic growth the country was recording is as result of prudent policy foundation laid by the MMD.

He cited Zambia’s improvement in credit rating and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as one of the achievements which attracted investment.


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