VJ says Zambian media too biased against opposition

Former minister of information Vernon Mwaanga says the government controlled media and big private newspapers are too biased against the opposition and people not aligned to the PF.

Mwaanga was quoted by Radio Phoenix on 06: 45 hours news today (Sunday) complaining that ZNBC, ZANIS, Daily Mail and Times of Zambia have completely blacked out the opposition from coverage.

He said the government controlled media are only covering the ruling party and its government.

He said the biased news coverage by the government controlled media is not good for democracy as the views of the opposition on national matters are not being heard by the general public.

In apparent reference to the Post newspaper, Mwanga said the biggest private newspapers have always been biased towards the PF government.

He said it is only private radio stations like Phoenix which strive to give the opposition a platform.


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