VJ shocked Lungu has declared half day for civil servants to watch him sign Constitutional Bill

Dr Vernon Mwaanga has expressed shock that President Lungu has declared a half day for civil servants to attend the signing of the Constitutional Bill at Heroes Stadium.
He said he was not going to attend the event at Heroes Stadium because it was a waste of public resources adding that President Lungu should have signed the Constitutional Bill from State House.
Dr Mwaanga has stressed that it was not the first time that the country was having a new constitution and noted that it has been done before in the past from State House without extra costs.
In 1990 President Kenneth Kaunda signed a constitutional Bill that amended the constitution to allow for the introduction of multiparty plural politics without any costs while President Chiluba signed a Constitutional Bill in 1996 that among other things dropped the 50 plus 1 threshold requirement for a presidential candidate to win an election.
The PF government however wants to paint a picture that it was the first time that such a thing was happening in Zambia.

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