VJ sounds warning against rigging

SERIOUS manoeuvres are being Made by PF to Rig the elections.

VETERAN politician Vernon Mwaanga says the integrity of today’s election will be very important to protect.
Mwaanga said this is important because the outcome of today’s election should be a true reflection of the views of the electorate.
“There is very deep mutual suspicion about preserving the integrity of the vote. In the opposition, there is almost a pathological view that an attempt will be made by PF to rig the vote, to tamper with the vote and a number of mechanisms are being discussed with the observers and the monitors because they (stakeholders) sense some element of desperation by the ruling party to want to come back,” he said. “What they (stakeholders) have been doing is essentially to discuss these things with the monitors. What they want to see is some kind of Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) which will preserve the vote.” Mwaanga said the prerequisite of fairness and transparency would oblige losing candidates to concede. “If the election will be peaceful, free, democratic and fair, there will be greater willingness to accept the outcome,” he said.

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