VJ tells off minister Kalaba

I sent Kalaba the following initial response ” Hon Minister , I have received your letter dated 20th April, 2016, concerning the printing of ballot papers by ECZ in Dubai .

Iam very disappointed and angry that you held a press briefing and made remarks before verifying what i had actually said. My statement was in writing as always and i expected you to verify what i had actually said.

I have been a Chief Election Observer in Uganda and have establishddd very strong links with its people and civil society. All i was saying is that there is information available on blogs and websites in Uganda containing information about dictator Yoweri Museveni which required “verification”. What is wrong with verification ? Iam a consumate diplomat i choose my words very carefully”. The second part of my msg to Kalaba ” Now the media are calling me to find out if i have received your letter. Minister, this is childish and shows immaturity and lack of seriousness in dealing with issues.

As I have already said, everything is reduced to cheap politics and electioneering. I know my rights and obligations as a mature citizen and your threats are without substance and meaning. What I talked about had nothing to do with diplomacy, a field I know and understand. It had to do with verification of where the printing of ballot for the people of zambia will take place. You are not a replacement for the people . You and your government are servants of the people and not their masters. Since you have chosen this path of public confrontation and not engagement, I am ready for a marathon and not a sprint run.”

Vernon Mwaanga

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