Voice of America recruits persecuted journalist Chanda Chimba

Voice of America recruits persecuted journalist Chanda Chimba

Chanda Chimba

Chanda Chimba

Freelance journalist Chanda Chimba III has landed a respected position with the reputable international media organisation, Voice of America (VOA), to contribute news articles for its various fora as Zambia’s correspondent.

Chimba, a former Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) broadcaster, will be responsible to provide content to VOA’s radio, television and webpage services effective July 2013.

The well known journalist, who many Zambians will remember for producing a series of investigative documentaries warning about the dangers of electing President Michael Sata prior to the 2011 election, is delighted with the opportunity.

“I have always looked forward to something like this,” he said in an interview with Zambia Reports, adding; “I know that filing for an organisation like VOA is very challenging. But I am ready for all the challenges and that’s what I like.”

Chimba’s maiden package is expected to go on air in the United States of America, Washington DC time 08:00 AM which is 14:00 hours in Zambia and will later be distributed on the channels webpage service.

The 48-year-old experienced journalist is however not the most popular of people to President Michael Sata and his cronies who are currently persecuting him through trumped up charges before a judiciary they have deeply compromised and is headed by an illegal Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda.

Prior to the September 2011 elections, Chimba produced a series of documentaries he entitled Stand Up for Zambia in which he catalogued President Sata’s political career and warned voting for the then opposition leader would render Zambia into a dictatorial state.

In his programmes aired on ZNBC and Muvi Television which are now widely distributed on Youtube, Chimba uncovered how Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe had assumed the role of PF chief propagandist – the role he continues to occupy todate.

Chimba predicted how Zambia will be governed and most of the things he discussed are obtaining in the country today earning him the title of ‘prophet’ among Zambians some of whom ridiculed his programmes but have openly apologised for not heeding the wise counsel he offered.

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